Monday, January 30, 2012

Mr. 'A' is ONE

I have had the pleasure of photographing Mr. A for one entire year!  He makes the over 2 hour trek every 3 months to see me.  He's the happiest little guy.  He fell asleep at the exit and his Mommy was worried since he didn't get his typical nap that he would be crabby.  He sure fooled her.  He was the happiest little dude!

Valentine Sessions on the 28th

Today we had the 2nd round of Valentine Mini Sessions with a new backdrop.  I had so many cute kids through the door that it was super tough to narrow down my choices for the blog.  So if you are interested in seeing more, click HERE.  Thanks to everyone that made it out!  

We are currently booked solid for the Easter Mini Sessions.  I'm waiting payment from a few.  These spots will either open up or I will plan on opening up Friday, as I have a growing waiting list!  I sure hope these baby bunnies are ready!!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Pea Creations

Our good friend, Sandy Schwoerer is making these adorable fabric shoes.  She brought some by this afternoon.  They are so cute!  She can custom make these and tutus.  She does such a wonderful job.  If you are interested in either, please email her at

Miss V is 9 months

Miss 'V' is part of my baby collection.  She's the prettiest, happiest little girl around!  She's got the most beautiful blue eyes!  We had a blast today!  She's SO BIG in this one!

She tried out our new tutu made by Sandy Schwoerer.  She's also the one that makes the adorable fabric shoes.  If you are interested in ordering her email is  She can custom make tutus and shoes too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine Sessions on the 21st

I got to see some new faces today!  Everyone was so sweet and we had so much fun with the 'paint'.  This first little dude has 'super hero hearts'.  It was the cutest thing!

This little man looked like a model.  He had the most beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes.

This photo got a lot of reaction on Facebook.  
What do you think she's thinking??

Ah, finally someone let me paint on them!  What a good sport! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Little 'L' turn ONE!

This little one year old came to visit me yesterday.  He's so sweet!  He's the little brother to 3 other beautiful children.  I finally figured out his word that makes him laugh or smile.  It was 'uh-oh'.  He laughed and smiled so much.

Sometimes you have to act pretty goofy to get the best smiles.  I love this one.  He was cracking up!

I can't believe that little 'L' is already ONE! This year has flown by. He's apart of my Sweet Baby Collection. I was able to photograph him for his 1st year.  I really enjoy looking back over the year to see how they change and grow.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year and New Resolution!

My goal this year is to stay on top of this blog!!  So here's to my 1st Newborn of the year.  I introduce to you Miss Baby Abigail.  Isn't she so beautiful!!??  

I was so excited to get my mail yesterday because this lovely hat arrived from Twiddlebits.  If you need a baby hat, check her out.  This is my favorite (I say this a lot) hat that she was sent to date.  It's a new style that I love!!

She has the most beautiful lips!

I just love baby feet!

She absolutely loved this basket.  She was content to stay and sleep all afternoon in this!

Thank you Abigail's Mommy and Grandma for spending the afternoon with me.  It was great to get to know you both better.  I hope to see you again soon!
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